1932 Chevrolet Confederate Series BA Deluxe 4 door Sedan

In the early years of the Depression (1929 on) all US auto companies were struggling to make sales.

· In 1932 Chevrolet unveiled their brand new stylishly designed cars as Roadsters, Coupes, Landau, Coach 2 door & Sedans in 4 door.
· This 4 door sedan was nicknamed by Chevrolet dealers as the       “Baby Cadillac” as it had many new innovative features and options over previous models and over Fords at that time.
· Some of the original options included on this car are roller blinds on 3 windows, rope hand holds for rear access, 2 vases, foot rest for rear passengers, two fender mounted spare wheels and monogrammed covers, front external wind deflectors, external mirrors mounted on spare wheels, front large fog lamp, twin chromed front-mounted trumpet horns, front cabin heater, front pull-out glove tray, wind up clock in rear view mirror, 4 chromed hood doors on each side, etc.
· It has the tried and proven in-line six, the so called “cast iron wonder” stove bolt 6 which was introduced in 1929 and soon won a great reputation for dependability and economical service.
· It also has a unique feature called “freewheeling” which when engaged allows gear changes without the use of the clutch.

Chevrolet production in 1932 was 323,100 less than half of pre-depression years. Today Chevrolet makes almost 2 million cars and trucks.

§ Engine capacity 194 cu in,  60hp,  with ‘valve in head’ configuration.
§ Car weighs 2,715 pounds
§ Original price in 1932… $575.00



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